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REALTORS® Political Action Committee

We are the REALTOR® Party.

This Mississippi Association of REALTORS® says that

“The REALTOR® Party is a powerful, bipartisan alliance for pro-real estate advocacy, working to protect and promote home ownership and property investment.

REALTORS® like us have a responsibility to make our voices heard in the political arena. If we don’t, other voices will fill the void – without our perspective, concerns or commitment to strong, dynamic communities in mind.

With resources and assistance provided on the local, state and national levels, the REALTOR® Party makes it easy to VOTE, ACT and INVEST!”

.Members of our Board by contributing to MARPAC are assisting its ability to:

  • stop proposed taxes on commissions
  • fight to prevent unnecessary regulations
  • works against added fees that  your customers and clients will have to pay
  • and many more important services for you!

Levels of RPAC Investment


The Fair Share investment:

Principal Brokers of firms and Affiliates is $99/year
Agents in a firm is $25/year. 

REALTORS® Fair Share are a line item on the Annual Dues Invoices for Principal Brokers, Agents and Affiliates.

This Fair Share Contribution is voluntary and Brokers of Firms, Agents and Affiliates may opt-out of paying it by simply deducting the RPAC amount from their payment.


We have those REALTORS® and Affiliates who feel strongly about the political process and the impact it has on their businesses these REALTORS® and Affiliates choose to step up and contribute more than their Fair Share.  These REALTORS® and Affiliates will invest a minimum of $1000/year at the Sterling R level.

East Mississippi REALTORS'® Major Investors are recognized throughout as follows:

  • Special Major Investor medallions to wear during REALTOR® events
  • Photo on the Sterling R Investors on the East Mississippi REALTORS® website and on MAR's Major Investor Photo Gallery
  • Invited to special RPAC events sponsored by East Mississippi REALTORS® and Mississippi Association of REALTORS®.
  • Name on electronic banner at NAR conventions
  • Annual lapel pins from NAR
  • Recognition in Mississippi Association of REALTORS'® Mississippi Leader publication

To step to up to Sterling R level a REALTOR or Affiliate needs to commit in writing to paying $1000 to RPAC over the course of the year.  This $1000 balance can be paid in any amounts between January 1 and December 1 of the current year.  By just "pledging" or committing gets the REALTOR and/or Affiliate all the glory of being a Major Investor throughout the year.