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What do your REALTOR® dues do for you?

  • You become a member of a team of real estate professionals who have a voice in Mississippi
  • Every day it is realized that there is tremendous strength in the REALTOR® brand.
  • Notably the REALTOR® brand has resulted in many regulatory wins and passing of legislation such as the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit.
  • Use of the REALTOR® brand and use of the REALTOR® trademark logo
  • A REALTOR® follows a strict Code of Ethics and there is enforcement of that Code of Ethics
  • The REALTOR® has support for public relations and marketing from the Association Staff
  • A REALTOR® receives opportunities for continuing education and leadership development
  • Many educational opportunities through EMR and MAR
  • Use of the MAR Standard forms and the Zipforms software program
  • Many resources/benefits are available through
  • Membership in the REALTOR’s® Political Action Committee
  • A voice in fighting for REALTOR® friendly legislation
    • in Washington, DC
    • in Mississippi