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LEAD in 2019

LEAD in 2019

posted: 01/09/2019

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E is for Education

  • Continually equip yourself with the best education and mentoring you can find.
  • Increase your value to others by attaining knowledge and experience.
  • Set educational goals that you will attain in 2019 that will make you indispensable.
  • Consider the educational offerings that the Mississippi REALTORS® Institute has available to help you grow as a leader.

Resource: Register for Mississippi REALTORS® Institute classroom or online courses at | Visit to begin and complete NAR's Commitment to Excellence program

A is for Advocacy

  • Boost your commitment to being an advocate for our industry and our clients.
  • Recognize that our political environment on the local, state and national levels directly impacts our businesses as well as the lives of those we serve.
  • REALTOR® advocacy extends the rights of property ownership to the greatest number of people, and protecting that right is the job of Mississippi REALTORS®.
  • Strong advocates make effective leaders.


D is for Dedication

  • Think about your role as a REALTOR® - what you do for your clients and why you are in this business.
  • Commit to and invest in the real estate profession long-term.
  • Dedicate yourself to the mission of serving others, which is the foundation for success as a REALTOR® leader.